What If Your 'Migraine-Free' Wish Came True?

Last updated: June 2014

We often find ourselves making wishes, whether it be for something small like an extra 10 minutes of sleep before our alarm goes off, or something more important, like the improvement in our health or the health of a loved one. Because migraines can have a significant impact on our lives and the lives of those around us, we often find ourselves wishing for things to be different. We asked our Facebook Community to share what they would do if their wish for a migraine-free life came true:

I’d spend more time with the people I love

  • I would let my son do outdoor sports because I wouldn't have to worry about the heat I have to sit in to watch and cheer
  • Spend as much time with my kids as possible and be in the sun again
  • Have a normal life! Not miss out on important family events
  • Go out with my hubby, to the fair with the kids
  • Get back into family time to see my son grow up instead of missing out being in bed everyday
  • Be there for my kids, be there for me with no more daily migraine
  • Play with my kids more

I’d eat/drink what I can’t have now

  • I would have some drinks; any form of alcohol
  • Drink a glass of wine, knowing I won't pay later
  • Have a curry

I’d go back to school/work

  • Go back to school and become a nutritionist and help others eat healthy so their bodies don't turn on them and live again
  • Go back to school
  • Back to college for a new degree
  • Have a full life. Work full time. Go back to school. Have & make memories
  • I would work
  • I would be able to have my dream job
  • I would work full time
  • I'd be working because I wouldn't have been fired due to my migraines when I was working
  • I would get back to work with adults I can talk to instead of bed everyday from the pain
  • I'd possibly go back to school for a new career, and return to work

I’d partake in all of the activities I am currently unable to do

  • I would exercise
  • I'd exercise regularly again and garden and go back to work and attend parties and special events and go to movies in the theatre and concerts and go for walks
  • Go on roller coasters, jump on a trampoline
  • Go on vacation with no fears of it being ruined by migraines
  • I would also enjoy spontaneous activities. I would take day trips to the coast or to the mountains
  • I would be back to the gym bodybuilding
  • I would hike the mountains in New Hampshire
  • Take a vacation, be more active in church, and really experience life

I’d make plans that I could actually keep

  • I would make PLANS! Long-term and short-term
  • Enjoy life pain free and quit thinking I am always letting family and friends down
  • Go, do, make plans and keep them
  • I could make plans and not cancel

I’d live a medication-free life

  • Return the endless supply of drugs and live like it's all going to end tomorrow
  • Take all my meds and flush them

I’d live a “normal” life

  • Live...instead of just existing
  • I'd live life without waking up every morning wondering what level of pain it's going to be today
  • Just to be free of the 'fear' of one crashing in on me
  • Just lead a normal life with no worries about what I should get done today as tomorrow may be a bad day
  • Live! Fearlessly!
  • Be able to go and do things without worrying about getting a migraine and having stuff with me to take care of it
  • I would've done everything on my "to do" list today, instead of lying in bed being a gigantic burden to everyone
  • I would live! I'd not be a prisoner of the migraine
  • Just live a normal day to day life

Tell us, what would you do if your wish of a migraine-free life came true? Please share in the comments!

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