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Winners of 2011 Migraine Poetry Contest Announced

I have to tell you that judging the poems entered in the 2011 Putting Our Heads Together Poetry Contest was really fun, touching, and tough! There were many good entries, some of them from budding poets as young as eight-years-old.

Some were funny, others brought tears to my eyes. The contest serves multiple purposes. It gives Migraineurs a creative outlet to express themselves. It’s also a way to help people who don’t have Migraines or another headache disorder take a peek into our lives and, hopefully, get rid of some of the stigma and misconceptions.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone who has the creativity and courage to enter the contest is a “winner,” so all of the poems entered will be showcased permanently on Here are some of the judges’ decisions and links to the poems:

You can also find a list of the Honorable Mention entries and all of the poems entered, along with links to each of them on the Winners Page.

To everyone who entered – Thank you and congratulations! I hope you’ll all enter our 2011 contest too.

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  • Chris Clerkin
    8 years ago

    What a fantastic group of discriptive poetry! I’m sorry you have to live your art so personally, I’m sorry I understand it. Praying some finds us all an answer!

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