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Guess what? I woke without a migraine today!

Written late August 2015

Guess what?

Today when I woke up, I didn’t have a migraine.

True that I didn’t feel great or pain-free or even energized, but I DIDN’T HAVE ANY SIGN OF A MIGRAINE, which feels utterly miraculous after the week I’ve had.  I actually feel okay.

Yesterday I went to a funeral for my best friend’s grandmother. This grandmother, whom I’ve been visiting and spending time with for nearly half my life, had been “not herself,” as they say, for the last couple of years, and all who loved her were glad to know her suffering had ended. But it is always profoundly sad to know that someone we love is no longer here to love, to create, to laugh, and to make us laugh.  Many of you can identify with my tendency to get a migraine every time I have to go to a funeral.  Major life events, particularly those where lots of others are present and emotions are high and some travel time is involved, tend to be migraine times for me.

This past week, I had taken as many triptans as I could take safely without fearing for a rebound headache, so I picked up more rescue meds (this time I’m trying Tylenol 3—aka Tylenol with codeine) from the pharmacy before we drove to the funeral. I had a feeling a migraine would show up at some point.  Luckily the beast waited until we were on the way home, so I was mostly myself at the funeral and the meal afterward.

All this is to say I had every reason in the world to believe I’d wake up with a killer migraine today. I overslept four days this week, have a ton of work stress (mainly due to missed or delayed work related to migraine), heard a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the night, and woke up to a swampy-wet and supremely overcast day.  All that said, I am okay so far. Not bad, not good, but okay.

When I’m in what I call a migraine flare, this is all I can really ask for and what I’m really grateful for: an okay day.

Right now Satchel and I are sitting on the back porch, which is actually too humid to be truly comfortable.  He is sniffing things and stretching and looking suspiciously toward the sound of barking dogs a few streets away.  My freshly-brewed coffee is on the desk, and I’m looking out at the lush wooded lot behind our house as I write.  My hip aches and my neck is tight and I remain sleepier than I should be considering the time of day, but I don’t have a migraine, and I’m going to count that as a win.

Before you ever got ill—if you can remember that time—did you ever imagine that a day where you were achy and tired would be considered a “good” day? After a week or longer of everyday migraines, what are some of your first thoughts when you awake and realize you don’t have a migraine that day (at least not yet)? 

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  • glassmind
    12 months ago

    I generally wake migraine-free.

    This is less wonderful than it may seem.

    The previous day, evening and night may find me bedridden or at the hospital with dibilitating pain, nausea and other symptoms.

    When morning arrives symptom free, part of me is overjoyed.

    Another part of me is embarrassed and frustrated. How could I be crippled by a migraine at 7pm and refreshed at 7am?

    I wonder what my friends and family think of me (was she exaggerating, malingering?). I know they are supportive, but the question still nags at me.

    And I wonder if (probably) and when (maybe that very day), my life willbe hijacked by migraine again.

    I try to cling to the joy of waking symptom-free, but migraine’s ghost haunts the morning.

  • yqr41h
    4 years ago

    I can Honestly relate to this story, but instead of only Satchel, I have chiquis (my little Chihuahua) and my 2 little girls I sit outside and watch them play, I adore these little moments because I know they don’t happen as often.

  • Thomas
    4 years ago

    For the past several years my migraines to daily. In June I got my fist set if Botox injections along with samples of Amrix ( ER flexeril) and I was totally free of any headache for 2 weeks. The Amrix was $675 under my RX plan because it is non-formulary.

    My headaches returned after running out of the Amrix but they had changed; diminished. And I could beat them back quickly.

    My 2nd round of Botox was 9/21 and and I’ve had maybe 3 migraines that were debilitating. I was taking regular Flexeril 3xs daily but was extremely tired.

    I’ve managed to get a good supply of samples of the Amrix and now have great energy and virtually no real migraines.

    So, yes I now know what pain free is like again.

    I hope maybe at least some of you out there may get relief from this combo.

  • wdjbaxter
    4 years ago

    Any day I wake up without a migraine I consider a win! 🙂 It happens so rarely that it really can be a blessing and reason to celebrate.
    I was 16 when I first started getting migraines so I don’t remember much of life before them. There are days, now, when I almost cry in relief if I wake up without one. Generally, my first thought is, when will my head start to hurt, and what can I get done before it hits.

  • Livvy
    4 years ago

    That’s wonderful Janet! I really enjoyed reading this today. I can imagine sitting on your porch with ?(your dog?) and smelling the coffee. I have been having on/off days lately so similar to what you describe where I’m groggy and slow thinking but pain free and it’s like a little bit of heaven. Funny how it makes me really really appreciate little things like the leaves falling, the fresh air… coffee c: when that migraine finally goes away. I am so sorry about your loss and understand though about when someone you love dearly is released from suffering. It’s so hard though. I don’t know why but the older I get the more I don’t want to let go or accept things that are life changing. As a child I think I accepted death much more naturally. Anyway, I digress.
    Mainly I feel really pleased for you and your lovely day and your lovely (dog?). No maybe kitty. I’ll look at your link after I post this. Best wishes. ♥♥♥

  • Livvy
    4 years ago

    Cat. I beg your pardon Satchel. >(^._.^)<

  • Lnsu78
    4 years ago

    Great post! I love the change of perspective we encounter when a day with less symptoms is a good day. We need to learn to give ourselves a pat on the back when we do anything on any day. And we need to not guilt ourselves when we can’t do anything. Enjoy your win!

  • Livvy
    4 years ago

    I need to remember this. I’ve been feeling guilt all the time lately, or like I’ve failed somehow when I’ve gotten 1/4 of the things done in a day I meant to. Bullocks to that! I agree. I will give myself a pat on the back right now!

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