Yippee for prescription assistance programs!!! or, FREE DRUGS

Last updated: September 2012

I've been enrolled with success in the GlaxoSmithKline's Bridges to Access Program.
I can get my Imitrex for free from them (as I understand it) after I send in the bulk of my paperwork, which my advocate (an assistant at my neurologist's office) helped me fill out. For now, I'm enrolled for two months and can go into my favorite retail pharmacy (my local Kroger, where I love the people) and get a 60-day supply. The initial 60-day supply is accompanied by a $10 copay per fill, but that's about 1/10 as much as the Imitrex would cost me normally!

Already I'm in the Together Rx Access program. That's the program with the least amount of hassle, but it's just a discount program that offers cuts but not ones as big as 90% off the regular price. It'd be of more use to me if I didn't belong to Bridges to Access already, as the only drug I'm currently taking that is on the Together Rx Access list is Imitrex--and I can get that for [almost] free!

Finally, I applied for my free trial of Maxalt. All it takes is a printer and a couple of stamps--one so you can mail the form to your doctor to request a prescription for 3 Maxalt pills, and one so you can include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your doctor to send you the prescription and forms back!

In the works is a plan for me to get free (or cheap) Maxalt, too. I forget which program covers that, but my doctor has sent in the paperwork to the proper recipient by now, I'm sure. I can't say enough about The Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program (PPARx). I'm so much more calm when it comes time to take a triptan, not nearly as stressed as I usually am for fear of wasting my money.

Go sign up! I make very little money, but you can make a fair amount (not a HUGE amount) and still qualify for these programs.

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