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You can make a difference in migraine research.

You can make a difference with TrialLink

We are excited to let you know that there is a new opportunity for you to make a difference in migraine research!

While most of us know that new medicines to treat migraine are being examined in clinical trials, few of us actually have the tools to access those trials. We want you to have a place to share your voice and really make a difference in the future of migraine treatment.

Starting this month, we will be offering the chance for community members to learn more about clinical trials performed by organizations researching new treatments for migraine.


What sort of research is being conducted for people like me?

There are many ways to take part in research, one of which is to participate in a clinical trial.

  • Treatment efficacy & safety:  This could mean taking part in a study for a new treatment that is in development, or even for an existing medication that is now being examined in migraine.
  • Trial design and drug development:  Researchers may also look for your feedback in the design of clinical trial or the treatment itself (for instance – should it be an injection or a pill?). To learn more about participating in clinical trials, click here.
  • Behavioral and impact studies: Other research focuses on gathering information about how people with migraine manage their condition and how it impacts their daily lives. Results from our own Migraine In America survey demonstrate the far-reaching impact of migraine.

Why does this matter?

No one understands what it is like to live with migraine better than the migraine community! Taking part in cutting edge research or providing input on how studies are conducted will have a direct impact on those living with migraine.

How do I find out about new research opportunities?

When new research opportunities become available, we will share those with our registered community members via email!

Please make sure you are registered user on  Registration is free and easy – ONLY registered users will be notified of opportunities. You can register HERE.

Register now

We are thrilled to be able to provide this new opportunity to our community members! We hope you will join us in our goal to improve the lives of people with migraine!

I previously opted out of communications but would like to ensure I receive information regarding clinical trials. How can I change my communication preferences?

We’d love to have you back! To resume receiving all emails from, including those pertaining to TrialLink opportunities, send us a message at with the email address you’d like to update.

The Team


  • lifetimesufferer
    4 years ago

    I work for a company that does clinical trials and drug studies. we work with many major drug companies like Roache, Lilly and more. I think a migraine study would be awesome for us who suffer constantly. We are a global company PRA Health Sciences is the name. It might be worth checking it out.

  • sarah
    4 years ago

    I would definitely be interested in hearing about your experience and your findings. I have tried seemingly everything out there including prescription preventatives, Botox, vitamins, yoga, avoiding triggers, etc., etc., etc. (all of that I am doing currently) I am chronic and it has shut down so much of my life. I worry about the meds I am putting in my body, but also worry about going without them and especially weaning off of them.

  • whq7n6
    5 years ago

    I’ve had migraines for 44 years. I was telling my Mom at the age of 2 that my head hurt. Because of my own trials and errors in dealing with migraines for the past 44 years, I have made some very valuable discoveries and would like to share those discoveries with the right people who are willing to treat migraines naturally. I am not interested in man made medications, as I took them my whole life to get through my day at school or my workday. The acetaminophen nearly killed my liver and the ibuprofen ate away at my insides, not only my stomach lining, by my veins! Is there anyone out there willing to listen to 44 years of migraine experience that wants to put the research into natural ways of healing?

  • cborman
    2 years ago

    I am seeking Tx advice with my Daughter, who has suffered from Chronic Migranes for years(she is now 25). She has tried Rx Tx(eg-over counter NSAID, Rx-Toradol, etc) to no long-term relief. She has aggressively pursued the advice and medical assistance in the medical community, however, her last effort with the “Head of Neurosurgery” was futile. He summarized he options as, you have to exhaust all options(eg-high level narcotics he prescribed last week! Scheduled drugs that she cant drive while taking…) prior to even admin of Botox as as an alternative Tx.She feels frustrated and defeated. Her migranes make it impossible to study or work.

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