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This happened to me recently – bolt of lightning through my left temple, and my legs gave out. I had CT scansand was monitored in hospital, but they didn’t “find”
any clots.

Since then, I have short term memory lapses, confuse words, and have had a significant increase in migraine and head pain.

Aneurisms run in my family too. I don’t like to…

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I just talked to my neurologist about Aimovig. He told me that unless you are one of the people whose migraines are CGRP related, Aimovig will not work. In the clinical trials, 30% of the test subjects experienced 40% fewer migraines per month compared to those who took placebo. So the Aimovig worked for roughly 1/3 of the people, and eliminated…

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Is age a factor? I’m 66. My dr. that I saw for the migraines didn’t want me to keep using Maxalt or any other drug in that family. I went from being 99% sure that the Maxalt would help and rarely needed a 2nd dose or I trip to the Dr. office for an injection of nubaine for the pain. Now I’m having easily 3 a month. I take Generic Vicodin…

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So… I have been told I have bulging disc in my neck that is causing occipital neuralgia. I also have cervicogenic migraines. I am now trying drug number 8 to see if I can get some kind of relief from these migraines. I start physical therapy soon for my neck that is also supposed to help to. I just want to be happy and have my life back. And not…