Can alcohol impact my migraines?

Migraine FAQs: Can alcohol impact my migraines?

When migraine sufferers, also called migraineurs, are asked to list their food and beverage migraine triggers, alcohol is named the most often.

Determining if alcohol is the true reason behind an attack can be a murky subject since alcohol ingestion can result in “hangover” headaches in many people, even those who don't suffer from migraines. For those with alcohol-triggered migraines, even a small amount of alcohol can launch an attack.

Roughly a third of migraine sufferers say that alcoholic beverages can trigger their migraine attacks. A tenth of migraine sufferers say alcohol is a frequent or consistent trigger. Certain chemicals in alcohol, such as tyramine and histamine are believed to act on chemicals in the brain, kicking off the series of events that leads to a migraine attack.

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