Can sexual activity impact my migraines?

Migraine FAQs: Can sexual activity impact my migraines?

Sex stirs up lots of emotions, chemicals and other reactions within the body. Therefore it's understandable how sexual activity can be a migraine trigger.

It is sometimes called “coital headache.” Sex-related migraines are usually unpredictable and don't occur with each sexual experience. This type of migraines occur most often in people ages 20 to 60, with it most commonly first occurring around age 40.

The head pain and other migraine symptoms can sometimes arise with sexual activity and also with masturbation.

Sexual activity triggers migraines in men four times as often as it does in women. The pain and discomfort may occur because of the energy exerted during sexual activity, the increased activity in the buttocks and legs or because of the alterations in blood pressure.

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