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  1. I am an acupuncturist and have had a lot of success with migraine treatment for both acute as well as chronic sufferers. Just this morning my new patient from last week with severe unrelenting migraine returned for the second visit. He said his migraine of the prior ten days went away with the acupuncture and has not returned. This is not atypical.

    1. Andy, We cannot allow anyone to advertise their services etc, but I'm wondering - can you talk to us a little about acupuncture so those who aren't familiar with it might see if they want to consider it as an option for their attacks? Thank you 😀

      1. I would love to share what I know from experience regarding migraine. Choosing an acupuncturist is easy. Most acupuncturists in the USA are Board Certified and have licensing or registration by the state. If there are several acupuncturists close to you that is your good luck. But any acupuncturist can make the actions that have an effect on the most common energetic pre-disposition to have migraine--Cold Feet.

        All the pertinent information about migraine was written down more than two thousand years ago in the Ling Shu. It was re-discovered by Drs. Tran and Van Nghi, surgeons in France.

        I have tried to make their information available on facebook. But I don't want to post the Name of the account until we decide that it would not consitute advertising.

        1. Andy, thanks for the follow-up. I hope you will consider posting more information here.

          I had extensive acupuncture years ago to treat my autoimmune related Raynaud's. As you know, this causes the blood vessels of the extremities to constrict. While this is a separate comorbid condition, the symptoms are very similar. The result are cold, strangely colored hands and feet (and sometimes nose, lips, etc), numbness, pain, and in severe circumstances, tissue destruction and even amputation.

          I was not someone who "believed" in acupuncture, but the doctor was a close friend and I trusted and believed in him, and he wanted to see if he could help. It took many treatments, but my Raynaud's improved enormously which was an equally enormous surprise to me.

          I'm sad to say that my Migraine attacks did not change - we never had much luck with that.

          In seeing multiple acupuncturists over time, I do notice that each seems to have a different pattern they prefer to use. Research seems to tell us that it is not the pattern that is important, but the needles. What are your thoughts on this??

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