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  1. That's an interesting perspective; I'll have to give it a try. Me and Bud Light have been strangers for way too long ;p

    1. LOL, I can have one Bud Light and get a severe hangover and migraine and can have several beers of other brands (I prefer Coors Light) and feel fine, so I always joke that Bud Light is poison! haha I know a lot of people like it but for some reason I can't drink that stuff not even one!

      1. I recently tried a very small drink of Bailey's over ice thinking I had a tension headache and since I was without meds, maybe it might help relax things and get me to sleep. Enormous mistake. It turns out my *tension* headache was a double sided Migraine and that little bit of alcohol (I rarely drink anything but soda or water or an occasional glass of tea) caused one of the worse Migraines I've had in years. It sure made getting home on an airplane an....... interesting..... experience. That is one trick I will NEVER try again. My headache specialist once told me that if I ever wanted a drink that I should make it *good* vodka as that would be the least likely to cause a problem. For me, I just found that no alcohol is worth the misery I endure after the drink, even a small one. Yup, I'm back to tea-totalling again 😀

        1. Yvonne,

          It could be the alcohol or the sleep issues. Alcohol isn't a trigger for me, but changes in my sleep patterns sure are.


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