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  1. I use Naramig (naratriptan) and haven't tried anything else yet. It usually takes upto 2 hours to kick in but once it does it does work. Is that a normal amount of time to have to wait. Also, I can't be sure because there are many factors to consider but I seem to getting the attacks more frequent since I started using it. Has anyone else had this with naratriptans?

    1. Naratriptan and frovatriptan take longer to kick in than the other triptans.

      Personally, I don't know if i could wait 2 hrs for relief!

      Have you been using it more than 2-3 days/week?

      1. Hi Jamie, yes, at the moment I'm getting about 2 to 3 attacks a week. 2 hours is a long time, especially if I'm at work. I might go back to the doctor and see if I can try something else.

        1. My insurance requires that I take Naratriptan instead of Amerge. I can't take a stronger triptan due to prior mini-strokes. It does work better than just taking Vicoden or Percocet. It can take a usual 3 day migraine and knock it out in 1 day!

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