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Anticonvulsants – Antiepileptic Drugs

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  1. mrsedwards731,

    Are you still taking the Topamax then, or have you stopped it? Did it help you?

    1. I've been on Topamax for a few years, and the tingling fingers didn't last very long for me. My problem was the cognitive dropping or forgetting of words. You know that feeling of having thta word on the tip of your tongue? That happened alot to me, and I facilitate adult classes several times a month! I managed because I (and my students) had a good sense of humor, but there was no way I could increase the dosage when my migraine pain started becoming problematic again. So looking at something else now...

      1. I had the same issue when I was on Topamax. I got the worst tingling in my fingers and toes. It wasn't all that effective with my migraines, so I was okay to stop it.

        Does anyone have experience with Gabapentin (Nerontin)? I had migraines that were reasonably under control for years, but all of the sudden my body went absolutely crazy this summer and I was at an 8/10 for 3 months straight and I'm down to being in bed with a migraine for only 60% of the month instead of 100%. It's really out of control.

        It seems to be fairly new since I can't find a lot of information about it, but it seems to be used frequently for people who have had issues with Topamax before. I'm just looking to see if it's worked for anyone. I'm in the middle of nursing school and I'm not sure how much longer I can live a life where I only leave my bed to go to class.

        1. CM,

          Gabapentin isn't new. Quite the contrary. It's been around long enough to go off patent. The brand name is Neurontin. I've never tried it, but I do know of people for whom it's effective.


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