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  1. Heather, you really need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist re: potential side effects. Each person is different, and the side effects you encounter will be different than someone else's. That said, let's see if anyone chimes in to tell you about their experience.

    Amitriptylene was one of the first preventives I tried years ago. It was so long ago, I don't know that I remember any side effects I had other than fatigue. In my case this was not a bad side effect for me as I have had a hard time sleeping most of my life. I stopped the drug because it did not affect my Migraine frequency or severity.

    Someone very close to me uses it and has not had a Migraine for a few years now. It works great for her with few side effects at all- she might even say no side effects.

    Remember you need these to be somee of the first questions you ask your doctor when you receive a new prescription: What are some of the potential side effects and contraindications? What is the treatment plan for this drug? When can I expect to see changes in my attacks? Can I stop this drug or do I need to contact you for instructions?

    1. Alright, thank you. She listed loads and there are more on the leaflet that comes from it and I wanted to see what real people felt from it. The outcome is potentially hopeful then I guess

      1. Totally disrupted my sleep.

        1. My neurologist prescribed an anti-depressant. It worked sooo wonderfully, got my migraines/ headaches down to just one a day. Unfortunately, i was allergic to it. made my arms itch sooo bad that i couldnt resist itching and now they are scarred =(.

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