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  1. Johnny, Not all Migraine attacks are equal. Some can be very mild. In fact, some may not have a pain component at all. (see Acephalgic Migraine) That said, aspirin is not usually a first line medicine for a Migraine, but your triptan is. Hopefully your Imitrex treatment was enough to stop the attack in progress and get you on with your life. Most doctors recommend treating early and strong in order to head an attack off asap. The old school of thought - start with a little and build up until you hit the right amount to help the patient - has been largely discarded as this often results in a Migraine attack becoming much worse the longer it is allowed to continue.

    1. Johnny,

      There's no evidence that it's even possible to become dependent on medications like Imitrex and Treximet.

      Let me play devil's advocate for a moment here. Herbs, Minerals, and the like were mankind's first drugs, and they still act as drugs in our bodies. They, too, have potential side effects and risks. For example, the feverfew in Migrelief should never be taken by a woman who is or could become pregnant because it can cause miscarriage. There's also new evidence that it can cause medication overuse headache.

      I fully understand not wanting to take prescription medications, but sometimes, they're the best option, both for health and quality of life.


      1. Johnny,

        Migraine abortive medications such as Imitrex and Treximet do far more than relieve pain. They stop the Migraineous process in the brain. There is some research suggesting that Migraine may well be a progressive brain disease and that it's important to both prevent as many Migraines as possible and to stop those we do get as quickly as possible. The cerebral cascade and cortical spreading depression that go on in the brain during a Migraine aren't healthy, so stopping them is important.

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