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  1. Can more information about the connection between Aura sufferers and stroke possibilities be made available on this site? Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzie, is there a particular question you'd like to see someone here address? We'd like to help where we can... 😀

      1. I have been diagnosed with migraines - my main problem is the aura not the migraine itself. During the aura, which lasts maybe a minute or two, I get a strong sense of deja vous, can't concentrate, and don't make a lot of sense when speaking or writing (although I can say enough to get myself out of the room). My confusion lasts about five minutes before I am myself again and then a dull headache usually follows. It happens 1-3 times a month. I can't, though, seem to identify any triggers. Doctor has said he has ruled out other things, but I'm still not so sure since I never really get a throbbing headache that won't go away with just normal over the counter medicine. Could it be something else? Or does this sound common for a migraine?

        1. Funkychicken, You might want to take a few minutes and look up acephalgic Migraine. Additionally, not all Migraine attacks are severe enough to need serious medical intervention. This is one reason why it can be so difficult to get a good diagnosis. Triggers are notoriously difficult to find because they can sometimes act together over several days, making finding them difficult at best. Using a Migraine journal can be very helpful. If you don't find it helpful after a couple of months, then make the journal more detailed and see if that doesn't yield better information.

          Obviously only a doctor can properly diagnose what is going on in your circumstance, but taking some time and reading the great information here, creating your diary and eliminating potential triggers from your life may be helpful to you. It certainly is a great way to begin a thoughtful conversation with your doctors about your concerns. Good luck and let us know how it goes 😀

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