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Beta Blockers

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  1. Valerie,

    Inderal worked great for me for several years. It stopped working after several years, but while it was working for me, it was wonderful.


    1. Valerie, I didn't have success with it, but that doesn't mean that you won't. Remember, each patient is different. What works for one won't for another. It often works for patients and it's something most headache specialists will at least consider at some point. Remember that a trial of any drug may take weeks to months, so have patience. You don't want to discard something that just needed a few more weeks to finally kick in and work for you. Good luck 😀

      1. I have been on Inderal for 20 years. I can say that I can function while having a migraine now. I go a little slower, and I still have an ache in my my head if the migraine is bad enough, but the important thing is, I can function. The only thing Inderal has not helped is the aura. I get the aura no matter what, but barely any head pain, if any at all. I was origionally given Inderal for mitro valve prolapse. Shortly after they increased the dosage to 40mg twice a day for my migraines. I have not been laid up since. I can go to work, etc. My doctor recently told me that the Inderal did the trick for my heart valve, so I asked him if I could get off the meds, he said...if you want migraines ! So I will be on Inderal for life.

        1. I was given Propanalol Beta Blockers and they did not work for me. I felt so ill and my blood pressure was raised significantly. They actually caused my Hemiplegic migraine to occur even more often. My new GP took me off them (slowly) and prescribed a low dose of Amitryptiline that have helped somewhat. I also take sumatriptan and take an extra Amitryptiline
          During attacks with 2 painkillers and sumatriptan. It gets me through and helps better than previous treatments.

      2. my dr refuses to consider beta blockers...i have a public aid medical card so i dont think she wants to put forth much effort...any advice? im thinking neurologist is my next step...

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