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  1. I have had chronic migraines for 14 years now. I am currently taking 100mg of Lamictal daily. I tried butterbur for five months with little to no improvement. I was taking 2 75mg capsules at night.

    1. *two 75mg capsules at night (just to clarify).

      1. Hi speechie2010 - Butterbur is no different than other medicinal approaches. Yes, it is a plant, but our bodies see it just like other medicines. There is unfortunately no cut and dried approach to treating Migraine, and not every patient will do well with butterbur. Some do though. I sure wish you had been one of those that responded.

        I am wondering if you used the name brand Petadolex or another brand? The reason for asking, is that the response for other brands tends to be much less than response from Petadolex - the original version. Unfortunately, even Petadolex is no longer as stringent in their production of butterbur, and many headache and Migraine specialists no longer recommend it as a result.

        1. I tried Butterbut for a month but found that it was making me feel like I had a mild migraine all the time. Drat, was told about it by someone whom it helps greatly. Every body is different. Then when I found out about the potential toxicity problems because of poor testing and regulations was glad it didn't help.

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