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Cluster Headaches

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  1. hey guys, i have cluster headaches and nothing seems to stop them. any options.

    1. I'm taking prednisone and gabapentin which neither seems to work. I have been taking these now for 4 days. My headaches are still hitting me at least 2 times daily and wont go away lest I sleep. Docs said not to take anymore pain aids as I may have over satuaded my body before I was diagnosed with cluster.

      1. Gabapentin can take up to three months to work as a preventive. Have you ever tried oxygen when you get a cluster headache? What pain aids were you taking? Most of the cluster sufferers I know find pain medications don't help very much. Most of the folks I know use Imitrex / sumatriptan injections or oxygen. You do have to be careful not to use the Imitrex / sumatriptan more than two or three days a week or you get into medications overuse issues such as your doctor mentioned.

        1. kward,

          I have been diagnosed with chronic cluster headaches as well as Migraine. I can't use triptans, so right now when I go through a cycle I use high rate oxygen. Thankfully it works a good percentage of the time. Wish it worked all the time, but at this point I'll take what I can get. High rate oxygen can be damaging to the lungs if it isn't done right, so please consult your doctor before trying it.

          A drop in nighttime melatonin levels has been associated with cluster headaches in a number of patients. Some doctors are asking their patients to try melatonin at night before bed. The dosage often exceeds that which the OTC labeling says you should use, so should only be taken after talking to your doctor about it.

          This link discusses the use of melatonin and the implications of increased body heat in cluster headache generation. I now sleep with my house fairly cold because it does allow me to sleep better, resulting in fewer Migraine attacks for me. I haven't had a cluster cycle in quite some time so maybe there is something there? I'm not really sure, but it's interesting...

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