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Cold therapy

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  1. Hi Sally, I also find ice packs helpful wit out of control migraine..greg

    1. I have cluster and migraines. I found that during a migraine cold paks help. and at night I take one, wrap it up and place it on my neck and do my breathing excercises. ( I have perfected this- due to my other medical problems, I have endometriosis too and learned breathing to help with my pain) The cold therapy helps alot. I stay in pretty much constant pain with low grade skin sensitive on the back of my head even with botox lately after my 3rd round of shots- the only lasted 1 month this time.

      1. I haven't been terribly successful with meds. What I have found that works is getting undressed to my undies, and lying on my bed uncovered with a fan blowing on me, with an over-sized sleep mask and earplugs in place. When I get goose bumps, I pull a sheet over me and drift off to sleep. Usually I wake up after a couple of hours with the migraine much improved.

        My theory is that chilling my skin to goosebumps forces my circulatory system to redirect excess blood flow from my head to the surface of my skin throughout my body to warm it, thus reducing the circulatory traffic jam in my head. Whatever. It works.

        1. I'm wondering if leaving an icepack for a while on your head could have a bad impact. I use icepacks a lot but have heard that leaving them on for too long could be bad in the long run. Haven't found anything to back that up though.

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