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  1. garfieldrules - My family so often jokes that we live in *The Bat Cave* that I even have a Batman shirt, lol. My light sensitivity stopped being limited to just the times I was having an attack, and became constant. We made a lot of changes to our home and our lives to make up for the problems I have with light.

    Here is a post about light sensitivity that might be helpful:

    1. Initially I was very sensitive to light and had severe headache so I was spending my days in a darkened room. Then I started walking daily as part of an exercise regimen and noticed that it is not so bad to be exposed to light. It seems light that is directly shining/flashing in my eye is bad (Ipad Mini being the worst) but indirect, full spectrum light seems to be OK. I researched this a bit and it seems natural light boosts serotonin production. I started exposing my eyes to natural light gradually, never pushing through any sign of discomfort and never allowing to be painful. I wear a baseball cap but no sunglasses when it's sunny. Apparently being exposed to natural light early in the morning also helps with resetting our circadian rythm - I had severe insomnia just prior to coming down with daily migraine attacks and now get sleepy at bedtime as my body produces more Melatonin.

      This might not work for everyone however wanted to share my experience as there might be others who are able to raise the threshold for their light sensitivity and enjoy the benefits of natural light.

      1. That is awesomw you have found some solutions. My migraines aren't triggered by light so when it gets bad, laying down in the dark does not help. Unfortunately laying down in a dark, quiet room actually makes it eorse because I have no distraction, nothing else to get my mind off my migraine. Has anything else worked for you?

        1. I'm most light sensitive with TV screens, laptops and smart phones. Have to adjust to the low contrast, low brightness , which my wife is okay with. I wear prescription sunglasses at movie theaters and keep an ear plug in one ear, but still come out of theaters in some pain.
          My house has only 25 or 40watt bulbs and everything can be dimmed.
          Going shopping? Hat and sun glasses in those horrible, triggering florescent lights.
          I do like sunlight on non-migraine days, but not a bright cloudy day.
          So I live in darkness too.
          Also, i have the car windows tinted and have these tinted pladtic "sunvisors" that fold down to block bright street lights and traffic lights.

          Some days the world is just too bright. 😎

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