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Diarrhea and Constipation

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  1. K5th,

    I wish I could say that your problem was unique. Indeed, it is not. The only thing I have found helpful is to slow the gut motility down. For me this means taking a tylenol 3. It does little for the pain I experience, but it does act to slow my gut down so that I'm not running to the bathroom every 10 minutes for hours. It's important to remember that Migraine is a systemic disease - that is to say that it affects our entire bodies, not just our heads. I had other physicians try anti-spasmodic medicines to see if that would help me, but I had no luck with them and stopped them fairly quickly. I wish there were better advice to give, but the best I can say is that treating the Migraine itself usually has a positive effect on the digestive part of the attack. Because it is actually a part of the attack and can result in malabsorption problems, it does need to be dealt with. I found that my headache specialist was best able to help me. My gastroenterologist was not worth the time it too to see him I'm afraid...

    1. do migraines sysmptoms accelerate this is gone way beon diarrhea what do i do went to a neurolgist 3rd visit she suggested i go to one someone else migraines have been on going for 42 yrs the diarrhea for a couple of months

      1. SEAOATS,

        When diarrhea is a Migraine symptoms, it should stop when the Migraine stops. It wouldn't happen between Migraines if it were caused by the Migraines. If you're having diarrhea a lot when you don't have a Migraine, this is something you should discuss with your primary physician.


        1. I never thought my diarrhea had anything to do with my migraines, until I started having them around the same time as my migraines - either before or after.

          I am having a lot of trigger changes right now, especially with food. I am having to let go of most of dairy foods - milk, especially. I can still eat eggs, and some goat milk or goat cheese, but in moderation only. I am using almond milk, and that seems OK, but I have had to cut way back on beans, vegetables, and yogurt (one of my favorite foods). As a vegetarian, this has been hard on me trying to make sure I get enough protein. Soy products do not sit well with my stomach, so my diet selection is getting pretty thin. I have been taking probiotics with some success, and that is helping what I can and cannot eat, but it is a real balancing act.

          I am starting to note when the diarrhea seems to be related to the migraine and when it is food related. So much of my life is related to migraines at this point it is hard to separate things out.


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