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  1. Have you tried an elimination diet?

    1. What is an elimination diet?

      1. First of all, I am a firm believer in the elimination diet. I am currently in the process of going through my second elimination diet to try to identify foods that trigger my Migraines.

        My first elimination diet was very successful and although it is still relatively early during my second elimination diet, I believe it is already paying off. I have developed additional food triggers that passed my first elimination diet, but will trigger me now.

        One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will have food triggers, but what better way to determine if you have them than to go through an elimination diet? The other thing to note which is important is that it can take up to forty-eight hours after being exposed to a food trigger that you get the Migraine.

        There are a few ways to identify food triggers. One is basically by discovery. Every time you eat a particular food, you notice you get a Migraine. Some people will notice a food trigger when they review their Migraine diary and will see that every time they have a specific food, they will get a Migraine. You can eliminate that food and then introduce it back to see what your reaction is after.

        Another way to do an elimination diet is to basically eliminate a whole class of food at a time. You would not eat anything in that class for a certain amount of time and then introduce one item from that class once every week.

        The way I did my elimination diets was to cut out all foods except to keep a basic diet for a certain amount of time and then start introducing one new food once per week. When eliminating foods, this also includes anything you drink or consume.

        No matter which way you approach the elimination diet, you should keep a migraine diary and/or journal. This may also help you identify other triggers or patterns.

        1. aspartame is the only food trigger I have identified. Most of my triggers are more environmental.

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