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Electroencephalogram – EEG – for migraine diagnosis

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  1. How does eeg look like? Is it painless? How should I be prepared for it? Any tips?

    1. Rachel,

      Im sorry that you have to go through double the stress. migraine and epilepsy is even more painful and frustrating im sure. If you need to talk or help with anything, we all are here in support. 😀 hope you are doing okay!

      1. Well im getting an EEG because my neuro suspects that im having simple partial seizures here in there plus migraines added on tobit but he isnt sure about the seizure yet. So im not sure what to expect. I feel hopeless and dont know what to do anymore 🙁

        1. 44_Maggnum - Hang in there! Remember, you didn't get like this overnight. It's going to take some real digging and trial and error to get better. There are a few who stumble on their answers right from the beginning, but the truth is that Migraine is very complex. We don't know enough about the pathogenesis of Migraine to give patients clear directions to start looking for helpful answers. This is one reason it is so complicated and time consuming. The good news is that every thing you can check off the list to try is another step forward toward finding the answers that are right for you.

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