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Environmental migraine triggers

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  1. Hello, I use to get migraines all the time and now they seem to be coming back. This time I think the cause is the winter storm that just hit, I've been in bed all day, I have taken Imitrex and still have the migraine, I don't know what else to do, it's killing me just to sit here and type this.

    1. Hello Dawn,

      Has your doctor suggested any other medicines such as an NSAID or Benadryl to combine with the Imitrex for better results? I do hope you are able to shake this attack very very soon. Let us know how you are doing okay?

      1. Imitrex didn't work for me, switched to Amitriptyline, which worked well, until I had to go off for cardiac change reasons. Maxalt seems to work well, along with Depakote which covers me for sleep problems as well as migraine management. The cluster headaches hit me for a week when the weather does it's thing.

        1. Weather is one of those awful triggers that makes us feel helpless sometimes because we can't control them no matter how hard we try. I used a health/weather subscription service that utilized weather conditions and a special algorythm and sent email warnings when certain conditions may be aggravated by the weather. At first I was dismayed to find that every time it said my Migraine attacks may worsen, they didn't. Because I have some heart issues as well, I also subscribed to that service, and soon found that when it said my cardiac issues may be worsened by the weather, it was my Migraine issues that responded instead. Who knew!

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