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  1. Has anyone ever seen the commercial for Exerdrine Migraine? If it works for your migraines, a) congratulations I'm happy for you b) EVERY time I see it i want to reach through the TV screen and shake her... when she says, "if you have migraines.. you know pain, well Exedrin Migraine starts working in half an hour. Maybe it's just because it doesn't even touch mine! Anyone else feel that way? Or does it help anyone?

    1. oh my gosh, every time i see that commercial i want to scream. i just saw it a minute ago while I was on this site and had to write.

      Ya, I would like to know who it works for. Do you think it works for people who just have headaches-not migraines- every once and a while? I find it hard to believe it relieves a true migraine in a half and hour and gets rid of light sensitivity, because even my most powerful abortives don't work that fast.

      1. exactly! It just frustrates me because I think that's part of the reason most people don't believe the TRUE pain behind a migraine. I've had doctors tell me I just have a "headache" when I go to the ER. I think that commercial does NOTHING to help migraine awareness... it downsizes how debilitating they truly are! I'm glad I'm not alone in HATING that commercial!

        1. I don't think I've met a Migraineur yet who doesn't dislike that commercial - doctors too! Migraine needs to be seen as the systemic disease that it is. It is so much more than just a headache...

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