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  1. Running, stair-climbing, and using the elliptical at the gym always give me horrible headaches. I've found that cycling, swimming, and doing yoga routines are safer forms of exercise, in my case anyway.

    1. Hello Red Head – it’s nice to meet you 😀

      Exercise is a problem for many Migraineurs. It’s good for us to do because we need to stay healthy and fit, and the endorphins are about the best pain killers we can have on our side. However, if we aren’t really careful, a little exercise can easily trigger a troublesome Migraine attack.

      These kinds of headaches are typically called Exertional Headaches, and Migraineurs are some of the most susceptible people to get them.

      I’m wondering, cycling and swimming are quite aerobic and one would think they are similar to running, stairs and the eliptical. What do you think is different that causes problems with some of the activities but not others? Cycling and swimming are not weight bearing or hard on the joints, and neither is yoga. The eliptical isn’t usually hard on joints either, but running and stairs can be. Do you perchance have any spinal issues, or have you been checked for spinal problems such as curvature or posture difficulties? Hmmm… very curious!

      Most importantly, Have you asked your doctor about this to rule out any other potentially related problems?

      1. I got a gym membership hoping to naturally try and help myself get better, and at least get out of my dark room and outside at least once a day, but everytime I go I've been throwing up. I also had a visual aura and lost eyesight completely while on the treadmill and had to hit the emergency button to stop. It's just SO frustrating because ALL of my weight gain is due to medications (I know this because I eat very healthy and unfortunately vomit way too often.. also, stopped gaining as soon as I was taken off the med). I want to work out hard to lose the weight that I gained from all this medicine but I throw up at the gym and the whole way home.. and then all night. I bought some DVD's I'm gonna try and do some stuff at home and see if that helps at all with the sickness while working out, because at least I'll be at home if I get sick!

        1. Am new to this forum format but am looking for more support in my own strange migraine life. I have found that if I get into a full sweat and aerobic state my pain subsides and may be gone for the day. I wonder if this is effective for some and what the physiological reasons might be. Is it purely due to firing up the endorphins?

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