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  1. I seem to have continuous fatigue which can get worse during a migraine so that I can lose a week at a time as I need to sleep so much. I also find waking up to be the worst part of the day and it can take me hours to get out of bed. The yawning attacks also happen often during the onset of a migraine.

    I have had fatigue for twelve years and migraine for twenty two years. I have often wondered if I had something else like fibro because i get so ill most of the time. It definitely is ruining my life.

    1. Fatigue is definitely a part of my migraine attack although it also got worse due to some of the medications I am on. Even though my fatigue isn't so bad as to make me not go to work, it definitely reduces my efficiency and ability to get a lot of stuff done at work. Thankfully I have very understanding employers!!

      The migraine hangover is almost as bad as my prodrome. The day after a migraine I'm almost laid up in bed for the rest of the day, but I make myself chug on.

      1. Anne, right now we are working on an upcoming series on co-morbidities, so it is on my mind... but you might talk to your doctor about this long term fatigue, in case you are one of those unlucky majority who have contributing co-morbidities that need attention. Thyroid dysfunction, fibro are both very common to have with Migraine. Additionally, they can act as triggers for attacks, so treating them can help both conditions! Just a thought...

        1. I was just thinking about this today because since I have had some rather continuous migraine symptoms, or so my doctors says, including numbness in my hands and vertigo, I've also noticed a great increase in fatigue. Normally before a migraine I get mentally sluggish and yawn quite a bit. Then after the migraine I am practically brain dead and just wish I could take a nap. Lately though I am tired from the moment I drag myself out of bed, with serious nap attacks throughout the day. I also have fibro, so it could be that increasing for some random reason or it could be this peculiar and rather unpleasant migraine season i seem to be having. I sure wish the fatigue would lessen somewhat because even taking my triptan seems to increase it such that I can't even function I am so tired.

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