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Feeling lightheaded

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  1. Feeling lightheaded is a common symptom of Migraine. Do you experience lightheadedness as a part of your Migraine attacks? Do you have anything that seems to help you that you could share with other patients?

    1. I have mild lightheadedness from time to time. 98 percent of the time I have head pressure. I've always wondered if this is connected to my migraines. I have done some recent reading on Chiari Malformation, but the cough headache is about the only symptom I have. Next January, I plan to tell my dr. that I'd like to get an MRI.

      1. I too experience lightheadedness. A few times I have fallen. Thankfully I was okay. Also, like Vicki, I experience head pressure. I have that most of the time. Initially I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. Some symptoms are similar.

        1. Elaine, what symptoms of Meniere's did you experience that you could share with other patients?

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