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  1. Hi JenniD, You are the first to post on this new forum topic! Do you have a question or a story about Migraine related fever? We'd love to see what you have to say 😀

    1. I keep getting fever and numbness/tingling all over the body with migraine without headache during the later hours all through the night. Normally goes by the morning though. Not sure if it's definietly linked.

      I also get vertigo which I'm getting meds for but they don't help the visual disturbances that my optician recently said sound like Migraine Auras. Not sure where to go for treatment as it's the first time this has even been suggested. DX

      1. Hi Fawn,

        I'm sorry to hear you are having increased symptoms. Have you discussed this with your doctor? The general rule of thumb is any time we have new or different symptoms, we need to talk with our doctor about them.

        It also sounds like an accurate diagnosis is needed. This is important because once we have an accurate diagnosis we can begin to get the right treatment and learn all we can about our disease. A migraine specialist would be a great place to start; Then when you are ready to look for one take a look at this link;

        Take a look at this information when you get a chance;

        I hope this helps,


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