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  1. Looks like I'm the only one out there still taking Fioricet! I tried everything available 25 years ago, including preventive meds. Since menopause, my headaches aren't as severe and the Fioricet usually works, but sometimes I have to take two or three of them in a day.

    1. I was also prescribed Floricet by my doctor who is not a neurologist. I noticed that it helped with lesser, tension-type headaches but not full blown migraines. It's my belief that it is because it has almost the same ingredients as OTC Exedrin (ie. caffeine and tylenol) with the exception of the

      Butalbital. So in other words, I felt loopy and caffeinated at the same time. This med didn't work for me. Hope my post was helpful. 😀

      1. Fioricet doesn’t work for me but Fiorinal with codeine is the only thing that I can tolerate that does work for me. I’ve tried and tried and tried and tired what feels like a million other meds from abortive to rescue but the Fiorinal #3 is the only one that I can consistently take that works, that I can tolerate and that still allows me to be somewhat functioning.

        1. My Dr. prescribed the Fioricet and Tylenol 3, which I take for real bad headaches. I also have Naratriptan, which I usually try first, but if I've already tried the Naratriptan, I use the Tylenol-3/Fioricet together.


      2. I take fioricet and find it to work but my doctor says not to take more than like 2 pills in a month or i will get rebound headaches... =/ so i try not to take more than that if i can help it.

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