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Fish oil

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  1. Hi Kathie

    I've never heard of fish oil helping migraines but that's brilliant that it's working for you. After trying a number of drugs (Naramig, Pizotifen) I am now controlling my migraines with a B complex vitamin tablets and feverfew capsules. I also avoid wine and chocolate as these seem to be triggers.

    Good luck x

    1. Hi Kathie and lwats80,

      I was on fish oil for some time. Unfortunately I didn't find that it was helpful for my Migraine issues. Eventually my neurologist took me off it. I have autoimmune disease as well, and fish oil can be helpful for those issues, so this was... distressing. I am no longer using that neurologist and considering going back on krill oil - a kissing cousin to fish oil that - for me - may be a more balanced option.

      Have either of you looked at krill oil as a potentially helpful supplement?

      1. So…I’ve turn to fish oil! I did a lot of research and it’s supposed to shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of attacks. So far so good! I’m on Maxalife. Their fish oil is from New Zealand (they have the cleanest body of water). No more toxic chemicals for my body, thanks.

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