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  1. I am interested to see what triggers others migraines

    1. Hi Sharon,

      AS you probably have realized, not every person is sensitive to every potential trigger. Moreover, what may trigger a Migraine today, may not be a trigger next year. Sometimes triggers by themselves won't cause a problem, but combine them with another trigger and *whamo* a Migraine results.

      I have a lot of triggers, making living a normal life difficult. It's not impossible though! It just takes a lot of care and sometimes some stubbornness thrown in for good measure. Others won't understand some triggers and may be unhappy when I refuse certain activities or foods etc. It's okay though, I'd rather upset them than suffer another attack.

      My worst triggers are changes in eating habits and blood sugar/insulin status, change in sleep habits, msg, certain foods, hormone replacement (estrogens and progesterones), my autoimmune diseases, not maintaining a perfectly balanced thyroid status. I also suffer letdown headaches, meaning stress doesn't trigger them, but when the stress is gone I get hit pretty hard sometimes. Certain medicines really hit me hard, and I rebound easily as well.

      What are your triggers Sharon?

      1. I hope people still read this. I would love to hear about peoples tiggers I am triggered mainly my ice/cold foods and lack of vegatables also certain foods spices notalone but in a certian combo like garlic and ciliantro togeter are rosemary togther with onions or garlic. I also suffer letdown heaadaches or headaches due to lack of stress and being busy like you Ellen

        1. I have a number of triggers too. This year, as a whole, has been a pretty good year. I might get four or five migraines a month rather than the usual daily headache AND weekly migraine. My triggers can include:

          Too much sun, and too much is very little (my sister calls me vampira), caffeine, chocolate, too little/too much sleep, msg, processed meats, exercise, not enough water, and change in barometric pressure. These are triggers I have been able to identify.

          Even so, I find it impossible to not trigger a migraine. I have never found a medication that has helped me (prescription too), other than Advil. I have worked to modify my lifestyle (I am taking better care of myself - mostly diet and work/life balance - and although it has resulted in reducing the frequency of migraines, it hasn't yet bee able to eliminate them from my life.

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