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Food cravings

Welcome to the Food cravings Forum

  1. I know I'm headed for a monster Migraine attack when I start craving certain foods. Sometimes I just get ravenously hungry - that is a lot easier to deal with. My personal cravings include terrible things I shouldn't touch like:

    * Doritos

    * Sweets

    * Soda (especially colas)

    * Cheese

    I also often crave chocolate, but luckily, a high quality dark chocolate in small amounts will sometimes actually stop a Migraine that is just on the cusp.

    What are your cravings? Do you indulge them or try to ignore them?

    Cravings are sometimes the first recognizable sign a Migraine is on its way. Do you use it as a cue to take your medicine?

    1. You know, one of the things that irritates the daylights out of me is the food cravings that go with my Migraines. Thankfully, I don't have any food triggers, but I have to watch what I eat because of diabetes and heart disease.

      Could the Migraines make it easy on me and create cravings for things that are good for me? Nooooooooo waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. Instead, I crave carby things - pasta, chips, sweets.

      I try to keep some no-sugar-added Fudgesicles in the freezer. Sometimes, that will work.

      Like you, Ellen, the cravings generally start during prodrome. Ugh!!

      1. Teri - Someone once told me (wish I could remember who) that carb cravings had something to do with serotonin levels. Have you ever heard that before??

        1. salt, salt, salt...Lay's Limon chips are usually irresisible if I'm at the store and a migraine is coming on. A Fudgesicle sounds great right now! BUT I avoid the artificial sweeteners like the plague, they are a major trigger for me.

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