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  1. Sharon, I wish I lived closer. As it is I've been considering doing the same thing here as this is a big medical area, yet has very few support groups of any kind. What is the name of your facebook group - I'll be sure and join it!!!

    1. Guess what, Ellen! I have started a support group in St. Louis! Go to:

      You are welcome to join from out of town. We have 12 members so far, and are growing fast. Our first meetup will be on April 27th, but I will also be setting up a posting board like this one where people can contribute without leaving home. I'm so excited!

      I could actually use some help as far as conducting a support meetup, though. There must be a protocol, and I've never done this before. Any ideas??

      1. That's so wonderful! We have a nice group in the greater Kansas City area, but I'm terrible about getting to the meetings. Trying to do better.

        1. I understand, Diana. The thing about Migraine support groups is, the time we need each other the most is the time we have the most trouble going to meetings. That's why I'm going to suggest that members bring a support person. Do you have someone you can count on to get you there?

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