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  1. I am in a predicament and I need some help. I am prescribed topamax for my migraines (about 4 per week on a good week), and my neurologist retired. Prior to his retirement,he prescribed me a years worth of refills in three month increments (meaning different paper refills) so when I went to refill my rx this week it was expired...not a problem, I had a paper prescription, dated 11/12/2010 but the pen had been dying, so the doctor wrote it in a few times to make the ink show, so the pharmacy won't fill the rx. I am currently uninsured because of my migraines, and cannot self pay because at 4 migraines/week being employable is not an option. Should I follow my mother's advice and go to urgent care and get a new prescription and have the indigent care program by the state write me a new script or should I demand the filling pharmacy fill the 2.667 fills I have left or do you guys have an idea? Taking 3 excerin, 4 motrin every 4 hours is getting REALLY tough on my stomach and when I need the pain relief taking 6/8 respectively makes throwing up 2 times annoying. I need a preventative, at least... :[ I hate headaches

    1. CMOORE09,

      Stopping topiramate cold turkey can result in neurological side effects that can range from bothersome to severe or even life threatening. Can you take the prescription to another pharmacy?

      Perhaps you need to remind the current pharmacy of the risks associated with immediate cessation of this drug as well as your history of purchasing the meds there, and ask them to re-think their decision not to fill it.

      I'm honestly not sure if it is even legal for your doctor to have written pre-dated prescriptions which brings up another potential problem. I'm just not sure.

      Bottom line, you need the meds to continue to be available to you, so do whatever you need to get that accomplished legally, and I hope you can find another doctor soon who will be able to take over where this doctor left off.

      1. JWAWRZYN,

        Have you been seen by a headache specialist yet? This is perhaps the best and first place you should go. Obviously we cannot diagnose you online, and a specialist is the one best equipped to do that for you. Another option might be seeking the help of an ENT and asking about Meniere's Disease.

        Triptans are considered a first line abortive for Migraine. Have you asked your doctor why he chooses not to treat you with this drug which was designed specifically for Migraines? It also sounds like you may be a candidate for preventive therapy. Have you requested that you be started on anything to prevent future attacks?

        I'm very sorry you are not able so far to find the treatment you need to properly manage your Migraines. Sadly, you are not alone. It often takes several doctors to find a good match and someone who is Migraine literate enough to properly diagnose, treat and help you manage your Migraine Disease.

        Here is a link to help you get the most from your doctor's appointment

        Hang in there and keep trying okay?

        1. Hi I am April and I am here because my fiance, Derek has had a migraine with no relief for over 4 months! Yes you read that right it has not subsided nor has it eased since the Wednesday before the Superbowl. We have seen neurologists and he is currently being "treated" by a headache specialist. Unfortunately she will not do anything for him and I don't understand whats going on so I am asking for help and advice from ANYONE. The first doctor tried many different drugs with no help which is when they sent Derek to Dr. Kelley. He has had an MRI, MRA, MRV and CT Scans along with multiple blood tests but everything keeps coming back normal. He has now lost his insurance through work and when we applied for medical assistance for him The doctor called the office and told them that because she has not yet found the cause she will not label him with a debilitating condition nor will she say how long it may take to treat. Therefore he is not able to get medical assistance. I tried talking to the doctors office but no one can give me any answers or ideas what to do and the doctor will not return my calls at all so I can't ever talk to her directly. Every other neurologist I talk to tells me they cant see him without a referral from her as she is currently treating him so even if I could find a way to pay for the appointments he cant get any. I can't stand watching him suffer anymore and I am at a loss as to what to do so at this point anything would help. Please feel free to reply with any information you have. Thank you for reading this.


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