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  1. I also have been heard that Ginger is good for the treatment of headache.Drinking boiled water added with ginger is good for preventing migraine headache.Also drinking ginger tea is helps to reduced headache.


    1. Ginger is actually a good anti-inflammatory. Additionally, it does a pretty fair job of helping nausea problems. This is why Ginger Ale is often given when we get sick. There are many ways you can take ginger. One favorite is candied ginger found in most grocery and health food stores. Freshly ground ginger in food or steeped in tea is also very helpful. Ginger has a strong flavor though, and those already in the throngs of a bad Migraine may not be able to handle it well. Even ginger snaps are helpful to a degree. There are also capsules of ginger that can be bought at most drug stores that bypass the whole taste factor. If ginger helps your Migraine issues, you may want to discuss it with your physician, as this may indicate you have an inflammatory issue going on elsewhere that may need to be addressed. Sometimes finding these other issues and fixing them can really help our Migraines as well.

      1. I have used ginger off & on with decent results. But, until increasing to 3 550mg capsules 2-3 times a day it was not impressive. It has really helped.

        1. I also find ginger very helpful. I use candied ginger for nausea or to abort an attack. Do you know by any chance how much candied ginger is safe to consume in a day? It seems ginger can increase heart rate and raise blood pressure. I eat 1-2 pieces of candied ginger on a day when I really need it.

      2. Camassia -- if you're really worried, I would ask a doc, but my guess is that you're fine. Ginger has been a dietary staple in many culture for quite some time now and I've never heard of anyone poisoning themselves with it, and 1-2 pieces of candy is a minuscule compared to the amount of ginger in certain dishes. I think one of the reasons ginger is so beloved as a natural remedy is because it has so few unsavory side effects. It's the only thing that gets me through long car trips

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