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  1. Has anyone else been left with migraines as a result of meningitis? I had viral meningitis aged 5 and have had migraines ever since. Then I had it again at 18 and my migraines got worse after that. I am now 29 and have many complex health issues, but my migraines remain the most disabling, frightening and under treated.

    1. C A D A S I L an autosomal DOMINANT genetic disorder that causes cognitive vascular impairment. Some early symptoms of CADASIL can be numbness, migraine headaches , mood disorders and TIA's. CADASIL is often misdiagnosed as MS. If you suffer from any of these symptoms or there is a family history of stroke, Alzheimer's or MS ask your doctor about CADASIL.

      1. Little Miss Alien, It is likely that the meningitis has triggered your Migraines. We know that brain injury can result in altered functioning of the brain. This might be something to talk to your doctor about. Are you seeing a Headache Specialist?

        1. So after no help from my current neuro or PP, I am going to the Mayo Clinics in Jacksonvilke. But they asked for tons of info. Now I think every issue I have could be related and no one has put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I have PCOS, reactive hypoglycemia, IBS, endometriosis, adhesions (intestinal), and migraines averaging 20 a month. Any one else with any if these issues? And if so, what were course of treatments?

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