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Hemiplegic Migraine

Welcome to the Hemiplegic Migraine Forum

  1. hmmm. i have to add a reply to read so, i will say hello, my name is kerry. diagnosed with HM six months ago. prior to that was diagnosed with simply complex migraine w/aura or basilar migraine. i'm currently taking verapamil which helps a great deal, 400mg B2, and 600-800mg of magnesium citrate solution. my attacks are much quieter now but still come about 9 days out of 10. i'm always seeking new information.

    1. wow. its not that i didn't see any posts. it's that they're aren't any. ya, i know, my illness is the rarest of rare. always fun. i guess its time to go elsewhere for assistance. 🙁

      1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for sharing your story. It looks like you were the first one to post in this particular forum, but you may hear from others (including our moderators).....sometimes it takes an initial post to get the discussion going!

        1. Kerry - I also found a few posts in the "Migraine Stories" forum which mention hemiplegic migraine. You can comment on the posts, or message the authors directly through messaging (click on their name to view their profile & send a message). Here are the stories:

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