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Hormonal Changes in Women

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  1. My migraines began in peri-menpause and continue post-menopause. Anyone else have any experience with like that?

    1. my migraine always rears its ugly head when i have my period....i am sensitive to sound (jump at the least noise) weakness down left side of my body, twitching body, ear pain, pressure in eye...

      1. Hi ALl!! I'm new here, so Hi!! I've had migraines since I was six after a motor vehicle accident: pedestrian verses school bus. My little 6 yr old body was the pedestrian & it happened on Fri 13th! I had a few headaches after that in my teens & twenties but then NOTHING for 20 yrs until...perimenopause!!!! Now I have a migraine of varying intensity everyday!! I know it's the hormonal changes in my body but 3 doctors have told me no. HELP! I need a better treatment plan for during a flare up when my usual standby's don't work. Sandy

        1. Sandy, are you seeing a headache specialist for your Migraines?

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