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Living with Migraine

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  1. I've been keeping a diary of weather related headaches. Here in Salt Lake where to me it is windier than any place I have been, we hve 2 storms rolling through today and saturday. Winds are about 30 miles with big gusts, the cats are freaked out and my head aches. For the big storms with large pressure changes - which high winds indicate - this year I have had headaches. For me there is a correlation. More here:

    1. Many people find that their Migraine attacks follow weather patterns. Sometimes it's difficult to actually predict because there can be multiple factors involved, but I hear this all the time it seems. For myself, I never saw a correlation, and neither did my headache specialist. However, after subscribing to a weather/health alert service, I found that they did seem to coincide with the Heart Disease warnings. I'm not sure exactly what this means for me, but it has been somewhat helpful. Now if I could just predict them a week ahead of time to give me a chance to pre-medicate and plan my week! 😀

      1. Sam,

        Weather changes are a major trigger for me too. Thankfully, I've found that my preventive meds protect me from that trigger many times. Not always, but more often than not.

        1. I unfortunately still am trying to find preventive meds to work for my migraines during the weather change time. I am learning to cope though

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