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  1. CORVID - Thank you for sharing that! Many Migraineurs are deficient in Magnesium. Maybe that was one of your main triggers. Congratulations on finding a wonderful and easy answer for yourself!

    1. Has anyone read the book or articles by Dr. Russell Blaylock. Sounds like similiar diet suggestions in Healing Headaches (can't think of author) but the elimination diet. What I wanted to know is if he's right about using a specific brand of Magnesium. I think it's Jigsaw Health Magnesium w/SRT. I guess it's gradual release in your system. I also read something about powder form to use during an attack.

      Anyone try these products and does the brand of Magnesium make a difference in it's success in preventing migraine? I'm very interested. Thanks!

  2. Magnesium twice a day helped mine somewhat

    1. illinois247 - It always strikes me as strange that this thread isn't populated by several pages! Magnesium is easy to take, effective for many people in oral form, and for a huge number of people when given as an IV during a Migraine attack. Thanks for sharing that it was helpful to you. Maybe when we get more of these types of stories, Magnesium won't be so easy to dismiss any longer...

      1. I just got the temporary implant and it's working but before that the only relief I could get was magnesium and gatorade.

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