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  1. I would be very interested to know if anyone has had success with marijuana for migraines. I'm surprised that no one has visted this forum in 11 years!

    1. I find cannabis cuts my migraine symptoms by 80 pper cent and lasts for a few hours.its god sentsent.

  2. I know some people who swear by marijuana for migraine prevention. Whether it's placebo effect remains to be seen. I've tried it in the past and didn't find it influenced my migraines one way or the other.

    If your state has medical marijuana it might be worth a try.

    1. I visited my hometown by train for my uncle's funeral. I asked my cousin if he could fix me up with some weed because I wanted to try it for my migraines. You have to realize that I have intractable migraine, I have tried every preventative, am currently on 600mg topamax and still have daily headaches. I had been taking Nucynta everyday but was asked to stop (by a pain clinic doctor who was going to trial an occipital nerve stimulator....that's a whole other story). I had to take my Nucynta, my dhe45, my toradol with me just so I could make it thru my uncle's wake and funeral. Back to the subject: Marijuana

      When I got home I told my husband that I had gotten some from my cousin and was anxious to try it for my next migraine. I didn't have papers to roll it or a pipe to smoke it; lo and behold my daughter comes up with the stuff that I needed. I am no youngster!! The last time I smoked pot was a good 25 years ago! So I tried it and it relaxed every single muscle in my head my face (temple area) as if I had taken a handful of muscle relaxers without the cognitive effect. Yes, I was a little high and that felt a little like an occipital nerve block. I felt great. I went back into our living room and watched the program we had been watching and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Problem: you run out, its not legal, I don't know where to get more. Plus: after the high is gone, the relaxation was still there and the migraine was still gone. I found it truly remarkable.

      1. My friend has told me to try this, as soon as I get my life back in order and my daily migraines under control, I will eventually get back in school and get my nursing degree. So then he (my friend) mentioned something called K2 for it? It's like a legal form of weed, but without the THC that doesn't show up in drug tests? Does anyone know anything about that? I think I would still be kind of apprehensive, just wondering if anyone knows anything about that?

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