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  1. michelleadams - Thank you for getting us to consider these things. They can be important triggers for sure...

    1. Trying a B.E.S.T (Bio energetic synchronization therapy) session tomorrow to see if that will help with the migraines. Not really into the New Age type of stuff but drugs aren't really my thing either and I've been taking medicaiton for over a decade now. It's time to try something new!!!!

      1. kerryp - I can remember the day when acupuncture was laughed at. I thought it was witchdoctor stuff, lol. I did it only because a dear friend was an acupuncturist who wanted to help and offered to do it for free, so I tried it. My mind was closed, but my body responded anyway. We did it for my Raynaud's, which is a circulation problem. The Raynaud's got considerably better which was obvious even to the casual observer.

        I guess what I'm saying is, if it isn't going to hurt you, then why not give it a try? You might even see some benefit - who knows!

        1. So sorry that is happening to you. I get massages quite frequently because my muscles are constantly tight. A massage has not directly caused a Migraine for me, but I'm usually very uncomfortable and more sensitive for a few days afterwards. I have had acupuncture treatments cause immediate Migraines. I can see how manipulating the muscles could cause a Migraine for you.

          Do you take any muscle relaxers? I wonder if taking one before the massage would help your muscles to soften during the massage. Also are you drinking lots of water before and after your massage? Massage can cause dehydration, which can lead to Migraines.

          If this continues, you make want to consider other forms of muscle manipulation, like electromagnetic pulses (also called a TENS unit) or even needling and acupuncture.

          I hope this gets better for you!

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