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Menstrual Migraine – Hormonal migraine

Welcome to the Menstrual Migraine – Hormonal migraine Forum

  1. I am so glad I came across this site. It is a blessing to hear of others living with this.

    1. There are actually many different types of hormonal migraines. Menstrual Migraines can surely be a big problem, but so can those triggered by other hormone issues such as thyroid dysfunction. Being affected by both is a double whammy that can be very difficult to live with.

      Have either of you ever been told that getting a hysterectomy for your menstrual Migraines will cure you? This is a terrible dis-service to Migraineurs and I personally hope to help make sure this mis-information isn't propagated further.

      My word to the wise: be very wary of the doctor (or anyone else) that tries to talk you into a hysterectomy - or anything else - to "cure" your Migraines. There is a way to "try out" this treatment without surgery, yet few doctors offer it.

      1. To be honest, I've been very tempted due to horrific cramps on top of the menstrual migraines to beg my doctors to pull the plumbing out, so to speak, anyway. I'm done using it, after all - have a wonderful 15-year-old daughter and NO plans for any more children! - and I'm starting the whole menopause thing... 90% of my reason for wanting to do it is the cramps; if the migraines go away too, great - if not, that's what imitrex and maxalt are for. 😛

        At least my migraines are predictable. For two or three days, I get horrible cramps. My period starts, and 3 days later, I get a migraine. But, for the last couple of months, no period, so no migraine... at least not one I couldn't manage with OTCs.

        My other trigger is aspartame, and I can easily avoid THAT - I simply don't drink diet soda, and I watch anything else that is sugar free. Sucralose doesn't trigger me (though I think it's vile anyway...) and I tend to avoid MSG on general principle, but it doesn't trigger me either. But when I get the menstrual migraines, they can be absolutely debilitating.

        The worst one that I remember, I was trying to control it using OTCs and finally decided it wasn't going away, and I was killing my stomach lining with the Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Asprin, and caffeine I'd dumped into myself trying to make it stop, so I crawled to the doctor's office, got a shot of ibuprofen, something for nausea, and my first maxalt... and my doc did the entire exam in the dark, because I was super photosensitive! How awesome is that? Between the shot and the maxalt, it faded enough I could get home, and the second maxalt did the trick. Then my insurance changed my medication on me and stuck me with imitrex (which works, but is not as effective as the maxalt).

        Glad I've changed insurance companies!!! Next migraine, it'll be maxalt for me.

        1. RAVENSUN, I've written here in other threads about a way to "try before you buy" a hysterectomy to see if it will help your Migraines. Unfortunately it is almost never successful in getting rid of our Migraine nemesis, but at least the drugs used to put you into chemical menopause will give you a clue if you might be one of the rare few who might benefit. Try this link for more information

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