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  1. I find that for a not too severe migraine this seems to be a rather under-rated drug. It has far less side effects than the triptans at a fraction of their cost.

    1. As far as I know, Midrin is no longer available. Teri Robert and I were discussing whether it was legal for compounders to make it. Neither of us was sure.

      I saved back a couple of doses worth because I do agree with you Gregory - while it didn't always do 100% of the job and was not so good for a real whopper, sometimes using it in combination was helpful to me personally. It definitely was one that, since I can't take Triptans any longer, I could take immediately as soon as I knew I was headed for trouble and it would often stop things before they got too out of control. I always had to take the max dose, but so long as it worked I was okay with that.

      I'm not actually even for sure why this isn't available anymore. It's a shame though.

      1. Teri Robert wrote an about Midrin being discontinued:

        I agree with both of you - it didn't completely eliminate the migaine pain, but it was better than nothing. The Triptans don't work at all for me. I was maxing out my Midrin usage, so my neurologist changed me to a different abortive medication. But, it works about as well as the Midrin did... and, he said that this is the last medicine option he has (he actually said that he's out of ideas/options). I agree, Ellen, it's a shame that it's not available anymore.

        1. These medications were developed before the current FDA approval process was put into place. Manufacturers have had years to apply for FDA approval, bu none had, so the manufacturers discontinued making them to comply with FDA regulations. I've been working to find out if any of them are going to be back, and the good news is that Epidrin will probably be back by early spring. You can read a full update as of today (Jan. 16) at

          Hope this is helpful!

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