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Migraine and Depression

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  1. PLS HELP. I am at my wits end. I suffer headaches almost daily, these either ease off, or more commonly develop into full blown migraines that can last days (I suffer nauseau, dizziness, vomiting, my head feels like its in a vice, my eyes hurt etc).

    I work as a receptionist so I'm constantly viewing a pc and answering calls, I dont let migraines interfere too much for fear of losing a good job, I either shut up and put up with it or when its been very extreme I've left early, but avoid doing so when possible.

    I spend alot of my time lying down trying to rid myself of headaches, wasting weekends and half days as I get so many.

    I am thoroughly depressed and often find the usual treatments dont work (I take paracetemols and if its really bad I take Irfen but more often than not it ends up being a case of it passing at length).

    I look forward to anything you can suggest

    1. Ellie, seeking treatment from a doctor for both your migraines and depression would be the very best first step. Treating both is often key to seeing improvement in either condition. Good luck!

      1. Ellie, one thing I learned when I first started having migraines, just taking over the counter meds most often just results in a rebound headache.

        When I first started having migraines, I had no idea that was what they were. I thought they were just headaches, maybe because of stress. For the first couple of weeks, I was living on ibuprofen. Then it stopped working at all, so I tried acetaminophen (paracetamol), which worked for another week or two, but the pain kept coming back. Once that stopped helping, I tried naproxen, which did nothing. Then I remembered that I had some left over percocet from gall bladder surgery...etc etc etc.

        Once I finally got to the doctor, and told him the saga of my headaches and attempts to medicate, he explained that those types of pain relievers don't typically really help with a true migraine, they just "put off" the pain until later, if that. And over medicating with drug store pills like I had been doing caused was is known as a "rebound headache".

        Essentially, the pills I was taking to get rid of my headache were giving me a headache!

        If you are having to fight the pain that often, it is well worth taking an afternoon to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and the correct medicines that can help. Only a doctor can tell you if it is migraines or something else, but they can tell you, and start you on a treatment path to help you.

        1. I have been out for a whole month with only 2 days of relief. One of the days was from me being in the ER and they gave me this horrible drug that took away my migraine but brought forth sooo many side effect that I didn't know what was worst. I was shaking so bad it was painful and couldn't form words or answer simple questions. Knowing that the ER is not a choice and no medication working for me I am at my wits end. I lost my mind a while back ago on the Nortriptoline and had to get off of that just like the anticeizurals and depakote before it. I need help, my neurologist and doctors have done everything they can to help me but now they are cycling me back on the medications that are worst than the migraines. (constant panic attacks that dont subside after weeks are not a solution; that felt like death.)

          just writing this is excruciating. I need help and am willing to try anything, even surgery, if I could even just find any information on how I would begin on that journey.

          ~Anonymous X

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