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Migraine and quality of life

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  1. My MIDAS score was 60. I feel like giving up. Tired of Drs, meds, procedures, tests and mostly pain. I'm tired of missing life. I've been going to a Migraine Specialist for 11 months! If my frequency has stayed the same, even if the intensity has gone down a little bit, what's the point!? I cannot stand it.

    1. MRSMADDOG, The Migraineurs you meet here will understand where you're coming from. Support is one real reason we are here for you.

      Are you seeing a headache specialist? Have you used a journal to identify your triggers and any patterns that may be helpful to your management? These are very vital things to be doing, especially if you are a chronic Migraineur.

      The most important thing I can tell any fellow patient is that it is vital to have 3 things in your back pocket when you are a chronic Migraineur #1 Be a proactive, persistent patient. #2 Remember that there are literally hundreds of different treatments, and one is out there to help you. You just need #3 Patience, and lots of it. You made it through yesterday, that means you can make it through today. You made it through the last hour, or minute, that means you can do it again. So many patients miss out on good management because they give up too quickly. Even a failed attempt at a drug is a step forward, because you now know something that doesn't work... and that is progress!

      The point is, you need good management. This means you're going to have to work for it. Sometimes that work means arguing with an unsympathetic doctor. Sometimes that work means putting a smile on your face and walking into a room of relatives who don't understand the sheer effort it took for you to be there with them when you're hurting. Sometimes that work means getting through the next minute, because you know that living life like it is today isn't acceptable, so you need to get to tomorrow where something else is waiting for you to discover it helps you.

      I know what it's like to be in so much pain that living another moment is too much to bear. I've been where you are. You do not have to live your life like this, but to get better you have to keep trying. I know you can do it, because I can do it and I've seen many others do it.

      Come here when you need support. Find others who understand. If you begin to feel desperate, then seek professional help... please. I don't want to see one more patient give up on life - it is too precious. It is worth the wait and all that work to get it back. It really, truly is.

      Hang in there, and know that we are here for you...

      1. I am in the same boat. I have been seeing a migraine specialist for 3 years and started seeing another one last week. I will go for a few months and only get a few migraines that will go away immediately after taking relpax then I will get some that will last a month or more. I will get a break when I take a Medrol pack, Prednesone, or DHE but as soon as I am off the steroids the migraine starts again. I have had a migraine all summer. I have gained 7 pounds because I haven't been able to exercise & I have basically been able to work & lay on my couch. My new doc wants me to try biofeedback (which I start in 2 weeks) and relaxation exercises. I was somewhat dissappointed after seeing this doctor. She is highly recommended & I was hoping for her to tell me "Oh, we need to put you on this med and you will get better." Once again today I have a horrible migraine and I feel depressed about it. I have tried just about every preventative med in every combination imaginable. I'm trying to stay positive but sometimes it gets tough to do so. I have been athletic my whole life so just sitting around is not helping. Sorry for the whining. Having a bad day.

        1. WAO618, we would all love to be put on a simple med to make us all better, but reality is that rarely works. It is usually a combination of many things that gets our Migraine attacks under better control. Are you keeping a Migraine journal yet? Watching your triggers?

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