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Migraine and sleep disorders

Welcome to the Migraine and sleep disorders Forum

  1. Cynthia, how did your day go? Were you able to finally fall asleep?

    I used to help run a sleep disorders forum. There are many ways to help us sleep better. Have you ever looked into some of these types of things yet? Have you had a sleep study done yet?

    1. In the middle of the night I'm waking, or semi-waking, in pain and seeing aura; my usual yellow patterns mixed with white slashes. I'm not totally with it so I'm not sure if this is real or a dream, but the pain feels real. These experiences are scary and disconcerting.

      1. My non-Migraine pain has been so bad lately I have been stuck in bed... Yet cannot sleep. This serves to trigger unwanted nasty Migraine beasties, causing more pain and less sleep. Anybody riding this same snowball down the hill?

        1. I have insomnia which just makes me have more migraines... last week I didn't sleep from the time I woke up Sunday to Thursday night after my botox treatment!

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