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Migraine headaches doctors

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  1. I am having no luck finding a doctor in my area.....and when I do the information that the do divulge seems unrealistic and the information that they don't divulge has been detrimental to my health also.....Where to turn? I am at my wits end and ready to give up the fight!

    1. I always find urgent care clinics a good option for migraine attacks. The treatment is quick plus minimal wait time. I live in Waco..Texan Urgent Care really is my choice for my migraine specialist.

  2. Unfortunately, there aren't enough Migraine specialists. Many of us have to travel to get to one. I spent four years traveling eight hours each direction three or four times a year to see my specialist, but it was worth it. Have you see the listing of patient recommended specialists at

    1. I wanted to share my experience with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.. to save anyone from experiencing what I went through. I have had Migraines for 15 years and over the last 2 years they have really evolved in to chronic Migraines. I have seen quiet a few Dr's, Neurologist and a Chiropractor. I have also been to the USF/TGH Headache clinic.. I have been extremely depressed and feeling at a loss because of the pain and not being able to find a Dr who cared enough to help me. I was advised in the ER a month ago to try and get in with Mayo Clinic, "they were the best". So I made an appointment, was extremely excited and truely felt like this would be my answer.

      My appointment was last Thursday in Jacksonville, a 3 hour trip from where I live but I fetl it would be worth it. I met the Dr, he reviewed all my records, did the standard Neurological test and looked at me and said.. well unfourtanately you have tried all the best medicines and had pretty much all the standard test, so I dont have much hope in helping you. He informed me that there was a small % of Migraine suffers that never got relief and he felt that is where I fell. He did prescribe a few test, that of course came back normal and a new prevenative. He refused to discuss my pain or the fact that I am about to loose my job due to not being able to get a Dr to help me certify for FMLA.. I started crying half way through my visit and couldn't stop. My worst nightmare had come true, another Dr saying, I am sorry, I can't help you!

      The Dr was even so nice to make the smart comment as I was leaving.. If you happen to find a cure for Migraines before I do, give me a call!

      Needless to say I am completely devistated and at a loss of what to do from here. I have even called a few Neurologist in near by towns, explained that I had been to Mayo's and to TGH, one lady just told me this morning.. well if you have been to those two places and wasn't helped, I don't think there is much we can do for you!


      1. Thanks Dawn RN.. It was a rough experience but I have to hold on to hope that I will find a Dr that will try and help me..


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