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  1. I am glad to have finally found a site where there are those that can relate to what i'm going through! People that don't experience migraines don't understand.

    1. Hi tonja - we're so glad you've found us here at 😀 Yes it's true - you are not alone, and this is a great place to meet others who understand first-hand what it is like to experience Migraine attacks.

      Have you had any experience using a Migraine Journal?

      1. Hi, does anyone know if there is a group that is working with employers to educate them on this disease? I am wanting to start a program here in Texas to work with employers to help them understand that their employees have a disease and that they should make accommodations for the employee who is sufferring from a migraine. I am dealing with an employer who is punishing me for missing work due to my severe migraines and it has me wanting to start an advocacy program.

        1. ladykricket: The National Organization on Disability does this kind of work: They would be a natural fit for your efforts, but an organization focused on migraines would be awesome. I have written about accommodation issues in the past on my personal blog:

          I hope this helps!

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